Wuxi Qiuyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. locating in China Environmental Town, Yixing city, is a company specialized in designing, installation and commissioning full project for industry wastewater treatment, sewage water treatment and odorous air (VOCs) abatement solutions. 

We are manufacturing: Multi-disc screw-press dehydrator and decanter for sludge dewatering. DAF system and magnetic separator water clarifying. Automatic chemical dosing-adding system. DDBD(non-thermal plasma double dielectric barrier discharge reactor), chemical washing scrubber, biofilter tank and packing materials. 

Products we supply also: Air blower, air diffuser, flow booster, water pump, packing material for ETP tank, coagulant PAC, flocculant PAM, chemical dosing tank, metering pump. 

We have 3 factories, 20 engineers and more than 100 workers. We have technical support from doctors of Zhejiang University to supply proper design, fast installation and commissioning and efficiency feedback. Service will always be available. 

In the same price, we will give the best quality and the best service. Yours satisfactory is our pursuit. Sincerely hope we will cooperate now and forever.