Advantages and Applications of Automatic Dosing Devices

- May 16, 2018-

The automatic dosing device is mainly integrated by a mixer, a metering pump, a safety valve, a back pressure valve, a water level gauge, a pressure gauge, a control cabinet, a mounting platform, etc. during the process of production. The user only needs to put the combined dosing device in the dosing room, start the dosing pipe by connecting it to the power supply, and automatically detect the pH of the fluid in the process of running the smart judgment and add the corresponding drug solution. This kind of industrialized installation can greatly reduce the workload of design and on-site construction, and is basically unattended. It provides a reliable guarantee for the quality, safety, and on-site operation of the entire machine.

Application range of automatic dosing device

The automatic dosing device is mainly used for power plant water supply, furnace water, circulating water, waste water, etc. It can also be used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, water supply systems and other industries.

Advantages of automatic dosing devices

1. High degree of automation, simple operation.

2. Factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance.

3. Professional design team and service team, after-sales problems no worries.

4. Quality assurance, long service life, reduce operating costs.

5. Easy to operate, easy to maintain and maintain.

In the process of using, the automatic dosing device is generally a complete system consisting of one tank, two pumps and one electric agitator. In the process of operation, according to the requirements of the user, two boxes can be formed to some extent. Pump, two-box multi-pump, multi-cascade pump multi-structure. It can be used for the preparation and dosing of liquid, liquid, liquid and liquid chemical solutions.

The automatic dosing device will be effectively formulated according to the concentration of the required drug and will be prepared in the mixing tank during the operation. After being stirred uniformly, the automatic dosing device will be put into the solution tank, and the dosing pump or dosing pump will be used to designate the dosing point. The formulated solution is delivered in the system. The complete dosing device has the characteristics of compact structure, safety, simplicity, and easy operation. The device can also be based on the user's different process requirements, targeted design, configuration of the necessary components to achieve functional fit (such as automatic remote control), economical and practical.