Advantages and effects of fine bubble membrane diffuser

Advantages and effects of fine bubble membrane diffuser

Jul 10, 2019

The fine bubble membrane diffuser has high oxygen utilization rate, high power efficiency, large service area, low energy consumption, small and uniform bubbles, good flow rate and state, and is easy to arrange and install. Uniform, low water resistance. The reinforcing cut yarn is added to the rubber film, which is not easy to be broken and has a long service life.

The fine bubble diffuser does not need air purification to a certain extent, and does not require backwashing in the process of use. It is very convenient to carry out management. The various aeration devices that originally used the fan to aerate the air, in the original fan, Under the condition that the intake pipe is unchanged, it can be directly transformed into the pipe aerator.

The fine bubble diffuser has good chemical stability, does not contain plasticizer, can maintain elasticity for a long time, is resistant to acid and alkali, does not harden, is not embrittled, and does not age. The product has a small bubble diameter, which can maintain high oxygen conversion rate and achieve mixing and agitation. The self-closing pore structure is adopted, and the micropores are not blocked. Easy to install and disassemble. Reduce energy consumption.

The tubular aerator consists of a membrane tube, a liner, a connector, a plug and a clamp. The gas supply main pipe and the pilot gas groove can be opened with a rubber film for microporous aeration. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance and no blockage of pores.