Advantages of automatic sludge dewatering machine sludge deep dewatering technology

- Sep 19, 2018-

The sludge deep dewatering technology used in the automatic sludge dewatering machine will be widely used in municipal sewage treatment plants, industrial enterprise sewage treatment stations and sludge centralized disposal points, and plays an active role in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Compared with other sludge treatment and disposal technologies, the advantages of sludge deep dewatering technology of automatic sludge dewatering machine are still outstanding.


Although the sludge deep dewatering of the automatic sludge dewatering machine is not fundamentally different from the belt type filter press dewatering, the effect of the dewatering effect can not be achieved by the belt type filter press dewatering. The dewatering technology can reduce the amount of dehydration by more than 30% on the basis of the traditional dehydration method, and the reduction effect is quite amazing.


Landfill and land use In addition to occupying land resources, the water in sludge and sludge is a serious environmental threat to soil and groundwater. Primary energy consumed by thermal drying also increases emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide. However, the sludge used in the automatic sludge dewatering machine is used for building materials after deep dewatering, and the pollution can be controlled to a minimum.


The sludge is dewatered by an automatic sludge dewatering machine. Only a small amount of electricity is needed to remove a large amount of water in the sludge. Although direct incineration or thermal drying can obtain a lower water content, it takes about one ton of water to be evaporated. The heat of vaporization of 0.2 tons of coal or 1.2 tons of steam fully reflects the advantages of sludge dewatering technology in automatic sludge dewatering machine.