Advantages of stacked screw sludge dewatering machine

Advantages of stacked screw sludge dewatering machine

Nov 17, 2019

Many users, when choosing a stacked screw machine, in addition to the price model, are also concerned about the performance advantages of the stacked screw machine, so what are the advantages of the stacked screw machine?

The stacked-screw sludge dewatering machine adopts a multi-disc type to separate and dewater organic sludge, achieving high efficiency recovery of solids!

1, can treat oily sludge

Off-line structure is not easy to cause blockage, can effectively treat oily sludge;

2, energy-saving

Structure and miniaturization design, according to the dewatering principle of "gravity filtration + extrusion", adopting energy-saving structure and miniaturization design, making installation very simple;

3. Only a small amount of washing water is needed

Because it has a filter structure that does not easily cause clogging of the mesh, it is cleaned every 1-3 hours, and the time is about 7 minutes. Compared with filter cloth dewatering machine, this machine can save water better;

4.Suitable for oily, low-concentration sludge

Because its structure does not clog, it is suitable for processing oily sludge from oily floc in food factories;

Also, because it has a structure of a concentration section and a dewatering section, in addition to concentrated sludge, it can also handle low-concentration sludge (about 0.3%) that is difficult to handle by traditional dehydrators;

5.Can run continuously and automatically

With simple operation, automatic operation can be performed, and at the same time, unmanned continuous operation can be performed by selecting the use of a polymer flocculant (liquid product) dissolution device;

6.Inhibit the occurrence of secondary pollution

The main unit is a semi-sealed structure, coupled with the low rotation speed of the filter body, it will not produce sludge scattering, noise, vibration, and odor diffusion, and daily maintenance is simple and easy.


7. Easy and fast cleaning

Since the structure does not become clogged, there is no problem of restoration and cleaning due to reduced capacity, and only the sludge exuding from the dehydration section can be washed.

The equipment is not easy to block, easy to maintain, low energy consumption, low noise, easy to operate, and the mud cake can meet the requirements for external transportation after pressure filtration.