Advantages of tubular structure design for fine bubble diffusers wastewater treatment

- Dec 18, 2018-

At present, there are many different methods for wastewater treatment, and fine bubble diffusers wastewater treatment is one of the commonly used methods. Usually, the supply of oxygen in the lagoon has an aeration process that forces the oxygen in the air to be dissolved into the sewage. fine bubble diffusers wastewater treatment can be carried out in two different structural forms, one of which is called a tubular structure.

The fine bubble diffusers wastewater treatment system has many advantages in adopting the tubular structure. Firstly, in the practical application, the tension of the membrane is greatly reduced compared with the disk aeration; secondly, the pilot gas channel structure is adopted, and the aeration is adopted. The module has no buoyancy; the film is made of natural rubber and anti-aging formula to maximize the service life of the film;

In the structural composition of the fine bubble diffusers wastewater treatment, the number of openings is sufficient and the distribution is uniform, and stainless steel connecting fasteners are also used, the interface is not easy to leak, and the disassembly is convenient. In general, the device has the advantages of high oxygen utilization rate, uniform gas distribution, no clogging, long service life, no water accumulation in the gas pipe, stable and reliable performance.