Application and selection of wastewater treatment air diffuser

- Oct 29, 2018-

The wastewater treatment air diffuser system uses aeration equipment to agitate the sewage, so that oxygen can be quickly transferred to the sewage, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the sewage, oxidizing and decomposing the organic matter in the sewage. Aeration is one of the main methods for water treatment of aerated water treatment systems, and is an effective measure to improve the quality and efficiency of water treatment.


In the process of using an air diffuser, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of suitable aeration equipment. For example, blast aeration equipment, surface aeration equipment, and submersible jet aeration equipment can be applied to sewage treatment processes such as SBR, A/O, A/A/O, oxidation ditch, biological filter, biological turntable, biological contact oxidation tank, etc.


Often in aerated water treatment systems, the application of aeration equipment has significant differences. Therefore, when selecting an aeration device, this problem should be fully considered, because the parameters of the aeration device will affect the efficiency and quality of the water treatment project. Through the analysis of the application of aeration equipment in the water treatment project, the quality of the water treatment project is gradually improved.