Application characteristics and design and installation specification of Fine Bubble Tube Aeration

Application characteristics and design and installation specification of Fine Bubble Tube Aeration

Apr 23, 2018

In order to improve the quality of the pipe, the Fine Bubble Tube Aeration is made of chemical fiber reinforced plastic as a production material, and its peripheral surface generally has pores, all can aerate, in the water will produce a large number of micro-bubbles, rising bubbles Slow speed, average distribution of gas, and utilization of oxygen are also improved to a certain extent; at the same time, the pores are narrow slits, and the width changes with the aeration hose during the work process.

The Fine Bubble Tube Aeration will bulge when aerated, and it will shrink when it is not aerated. This kind of product design structure largely prevents the sludge inflow phenomenon. Air filtration equipment will not be used at all, and aeration can be stopped at any time. No matter whether the duration is long or not, the aeration tube will not be blocked.

In addition, the installation of the Bubble Tube Aeration is very simple, the flatness of the device requires low, in the bottom of the gas pipeline and aeration pipe combined into one, no additional pipeline equipment, so its overall cost than other aeration The device is lower; it can be wrapped in a roll, small in size, convenient in packaging and transportation.

Usually, when designing aeration pipes, first of all, it is necessary to determine the value of their skill parameters. For example, the aeration rate is 5m3/m•h, and the oxygen application rate is 12%; followed by the installation standard, the aeration pipe distance is generally 200-300mm It is advisable to design the space between the tubes with a distance of 500mm according to the difference in water quality, load removal, and oxygen demand.

When performing aeration work, multiple bubble aeration tubes can be combined with a unitary root air distribution pipe to form a group. Only one valve is required to control it. In order to make the supply of all the aeration pipes of the group average, it needs attention. The choice of the diameter of the air distribution pipe.