Application of fine bubble membrane air diffuser

Application of fine bubble membrane air diffuser

Aug 04, 2019

In the rapid development of the environmental protection industry, there are more and more types of fine bubble membrane air diffuser. Microporous aerators can be used by enterprises with serious pollution, such as paper mills, such as pharmaceutical factories, etc. The wastewater produced by the type company is extremely polluting to the water source. Obviously, the sewage discharge is large, the sewage treatment is difficult, and the pollution impurities are harmful. If these sewages are directly discharged into the natural world without treatment, the water bodies and rivers will be greatly polluted, which may cause long-term damage. , affecting the ecology of the entire waters.

The application of the membrane air diffuser to the sewage treatment of these enterprises reduces the discharge of sewage, and can be reused after the sewage is purified and treated, thereby realizing the recycling of the water resources and solving the problem of water shortage of the enterprise.

Microporous aeration equipment, as a treatment equipment in the oxidation ditch treatment process, affects one of the key points of oxidation treatment efficiency, energy consumption and stability. It not only has the functions of oxygenation, propulsion, mixing, but also determines the oxidation ditch. Land area and infrastructure investment.

With the increasing demand for aeration equipment in the oxidation ditch treatment process and the increasing energy intensity, research on new high-efficiency and low-energy aeration equipment has become an important factor driving the development of oxidation ditch treatment technology and energy conservation. It can meet the requirements of aeration equipment for sewage biological treatment process, and has also made great progress in improving energy utilization efficiency.