Application of MBBR plastic biofilter media in industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treatment

- Nov 30, 2018-

MBBR plastic biofilter media can be used in sewage treatment process, which combines the advantages of both traditional fluidized bed and biological contact oxidation processes, and has good nitrogen and phosphorus removal effects. At present, MBBR plastic biofilter media is widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage.

In practical applications, the sewage continuously passes through the MBBR plastic biofilter media  in the MBBR reactor, and gradually forms a biofilm on the inner and outer surfaces of the filler, and the sewage is purified by the action of microorganisms on the biofilm. The packing moves freely under the action of the swirling of the mixture in the reactor: for the aerobic reactor, the packing is moved by aeration; for the anaerobic reactor, it is mechanically agitated.

The use of MBBR plastic biofilter media has significantly improved the treatment efficiency of the MBBR reactor, and it has the efficiency and flexibility of the activated sludge process. As a core of the MBBR process, the suspension filler has aerobic and anaerobic metabolic activities, and can denitrify and remove phosphorus well.