Application scope of the sludge dewatering machine

Application scope of the sludge dewatering machine

Jul 22, 2019

As a new product of the sludge dewatering machine family, the snail sludge dewatering machine has a wide range of applications.

The first is in the aspect of organic sewage treatment. Our daily industrial wastewater domestic sewage contains a large amount of organic matter and nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. It reacts with oxygen in water and produces a large amount of sulfur-containing substances, which emits an unpleasant smell. The deterioration of water quality is intensified, and the snail sludge dewatering machine decomposes these compounds by the purification function of organic microorganisms, and the sludge discharge rate is almost zero.

It also has excellent performance in chemical wastewater. Chemical wastewater contains salt, alkali and a large amount of acid, especially paint. The sewage discharged from printing and dyeing enterprises is rich in harmful chemical components and more polluting. The organic organism can effectively decompose and filter out harmful components such as acid and alkali salts in chemical components, and effectively improve the purity of the discharged sewage.

In the treatment of rivers and landscapes, the snail sludge dewatering equipment can effectively control the polluted river channel through high-efficiency microbial oxygenation and circulation. It only needs to open the equipment for economical convenience and no need for counter investment.