Bio Filter Media Features and Classification Requirements

- May 07, 2018-

In the aerobic biological fluidized bed process of the Bio Filter Media during the production process, the stereoscopic hollow filler is mainly used as an aerobic biological carrier during operation, and the filler is a hollow structure during the operation, and the process is in normal operation. In it, its Bio Filter Media is suspended in water. The growth of anaerobic bacteria inside the filler, resulting in denitrification can be denitrification.

The oxygen bacterium that grows better on the outside of the Bio Filter Media during operation effectively removes the organic matter to a certain extent. This results in the simultaneous presence of nitrification and denitrification in the entire process.

Classification of Bio Filter Media

Bio Filter Media is divided into composite Filter, three-dimensional elastic Filter, porous suspension Filter, active biological Filter, and the like.

Bio Filter Media Features

1. Bio-fillers are mainly made of high-quality ethylene-propylene copolymer materials during the production process. When used for a long time, they will be soaked in waste water and will not be degraded. This will not be toxic to microorganisms. It is somewhat better than other materials such as polyvinyl chloride.

2. The bio-filter is mainly used in the process of production of its special structure, the hole filler structure is a total of three layers of hollow inside and outside, each circle has a rib, 36 ribs outside, after many studies Successfully developed, using a molding.

3. The high specific surface area of bio-filter, in the process of operation, its ordinary micro-organism specific surface area is 90-180, the specific surface area of hollow filler can reach 600, double-area area is as high as 860 or more, due to the high specific surface area, the unit The biomass inside the volume is high, and the purpose of short hydraulic retention time can be achieved.

4. The high activity of the bio-filter's micro-organisms. During the operation process, the micro-organism film which effectively grows on the surface of the filler is due to fluidized collision of the filter. Aeration flushes microorganisms in a logarithmic growth phase with high activity and high treatment efficiency.

5. The hollow filter of biological  filter is floating type, easy to replace and long service life.

6. The ability of bio filters to remove nitrogen and decompose organic substances is strong, and the purpose of removing ammonia nitrogen is achieved.