Cart type and automatic control requirements for water treatment dosing devices

Cart type and automatic control requirements for water treatment dosing devices

Sep 04, 2018

The water treatment dosing device mainly adopts the mechatronic structure in the process of operation, and generally can be effectively divided into fixed type and mobile type (cart type) from the installation, and each type of dosing device is adopted. They are equipped with a mixing system, a dosing system and an automatic control system.

Several fixed armoring of the water treatment dosing device can be combined into one whole, and the frequency conversion control system is added when the operation is performed, so that local control, remote automatic control, manual and automatic mutual conversion can be realized to some extent. medicine. The profit-adding dosing device has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, low noise, stable operation, simple installation, convenient operation and the like.

The water treatment dosing device is designed through its different processes during operation. It accurately configures the solutions of various solid and liquid chemicals during operation, and then accurately dispenses with the metering pump to meet various design requirements. Such as descaling, oxygen removal, coagulation, acid addition, alkali addition. The dosing process can be operated manually, or through various PCs, magnetic flap level gauges, PH gauges, stroke controllers, inverters and other electrical appliances and instruments, so that the dosing device becomes a mechatronic product and realizes automatic control.