Characteristics and application effects of k1 k3 k5 biofilm media

- Nov 21, 2018-

The k1 k3 k5 biofilm media belongs to a novel bioactive carrier and is also a moving bed biofilm reactor. It adopts a scientific formula and combines various trace elements which are beneficial to the rapid adhesion and growth of microorganisms in the polymer material according to the different properties of the sewage. It is modified by special process and has the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity, high biological activity, hanging module, good treatment effect, high impact resistance and long service life.

In actual work, when the sewage passes through the carrier reactor, the microorganisms in the water will continue to grow on the inner and outer surfaces of the k1 k3 k5 biofilm media and form a biofilm. Under the inversion of the mixed liquid in the carrier reactor, the free-rotating biofilm and the pollutants in the water body are in full contact and decomposed, thereby purifying the water.

The k1 k3 k5 biofilm media can effectively increase the contact and oxygen transmission efficiency of biofilm with oxygen, and can also greatly reduce operating cost and energy consumption. More importantly, it can also significantly improve the processing efficiency and shorten the water retention time.