Characteristics and operation management of automatic sludge dewatering machine

- Jul 06, 2018-

The automatic sludge dewatering machine uses automatic control technology to realize the automatic operation of the equipment. It can reduce the intensity of manual work and improve the working efficiency of the dewatering machine. Therefore, it is worthy of being used and fully utilized in certain industries and fields.


The automatic sludge dewatering machine is characterized by low moisture content, stable and reliable operation, simple control, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption. In addition, it is a sludge treatment equipment that can be operated continuously.


Operation management of automatic sludge dewatering machine

(1) Automatic sludge dewatering machine, some parameters can be adjusted within a certain range, but combined with sludge flow rate, flocculant usage and difference, etc., so as to avoid problems in the adjustment work, and It affects the sludge dewatering effect and normal operation of the equipment.


(2) When the sludge concentration changes, the corresponding equipment parameters should be adjusted in time to avoid the use of the equipment.


(3) In the selection and determination of the type of flocculant, it is necessary to look at the quality of the medicament and the nature of the sludge, as well as the type of equipment and operating conditions. Try to achieve good sludge treatment and high sludge treatment through low flocculant consumption.


(4) The operator of the automatic sludge dewatering machine should have some familiarity and understanding of the equipment, and know how to operate correctly and standardize, so as to avoid serious consequences or damage to the equipment caused by wrong operation.


When operating the dehydrator, you should always observe the equipment for any abnormalities or problems, and if necessary, deal with it in time. When the work is completed, the equipment should be cleaned and cleaned, and daily maintenance should be done to ensure and extend the service life of the automatic sludge dewatering machine.