Characteristics and operation requirements of EPDM tube aerator

Characteristics and operation requirements of EPDM tube aerator

Oct 18, 2018

The EPDM tube aerator is an essential equipment for drainage aeration and oxygenation during operation. It can be effectively divided into surface aerator and underwater aerator according to its use method during operation. The underwater aerator mainly has Microporous aerator and jet aerator.

Characteristics of EPDM tube aerator

The oxygenation efficiency and power efficiency of the EPDM tube aerator are improved compared with the common microporous aeration equipment. The maintenance during operation is very simple and can be effectively repaired and replaced without affecting normal operation. The aerator has uniform oxygen supply, high oxygen utilization rate and low energy consumption.

The EPDM tube aerator has a small bubble diameter and a small gas-liquid interface diameter, a large gas-liquid interface area, uniform bubble diffusion, no clogging of the pores, and strong corrosion resistance. It is especially suitable for urban sewage and large-scale plants during operation. Expansion and renovation of the old aeration tank, and the aeration tank can be operated intermittently.

The thin wall and straight channel of EPDM tube aerator greatly reduce the loss of aeration resistance, and the variable hole and slit are automatically closed, which completely solves the problem of blockage of the aerator; the hose is linear aeration, which makes the gas More uniform, and form a vertical circulation, mixing and mixing more uniform; small bubbles, high oxygen utilization and high power efficiency.