Considerations for type selection of stacked screw sludge dewatering machine

Considerations for type selection of stacked screw sludge dewatering machine

May 20, 2020

The equipment selection is related to the user's purchase cost and operating cost, so it is very important to choose the equipment with the processing capacity suitable for its own sludge output. Many manufacturers only pay attention to the amount of absolutely dry sludge when selecting models for users, resulting in inaccurate selection of models and increasing user input. The processing capacity of the snail sludge dewatering machine increases or decreases according to the difference in sludge concentration. Although the sludge concentration of the snail sludge machine can span a large span, it can directly dehydrate low-concentration sludge. Mud concentration.

According to the operating characteristics of the snail sludge dewatering machine, its selection mainly focuses on dry sludge amount, sludge moisture content, solid content, sludge concentration and other factors.

The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is a rotary shaft type, which produces axial and longitudinal shear extrusion to separate the moisture of the sludge. The selection of the snail sludge dewatering machine must comprehensively consider the sludge moisture content, sludge concentration and what kind of flocculant is used, not just look at the amount of absolutely dry sludge. Different sewage or different sewage treatment processes produce different amounts of sludge.

The main parameters involved in the selection of stacked screw equipment are the amount of absolute dry sludge DS (kg / h); the amount of sludge treatment (m3 / h);

1. For example: the sewage sludge water content of a sewage plant is 99%, the sludge treatment capacity is 5m3 / h;

If: The sludge moisture content is 99%, the solid content is 1%, the sludge concentration is 10000mg / L, according to the above selection table model is WJDL-301

The amount of dry sludge is 5m3 / h * 1% * 1000KG / m3 = 50kg / h


If the water content of the sludge is 80% after dewatering, the solid content is 20%

Then the amount of sludge after dehydration is 50kg / h / 20% = 250kg / h (water content 80%).

2. Customers can directly choose WJDL301 if the amount of sludge is 50kg / h.

3. The customer does not have parameters for the moisture content and solid content of the sludge, but there are existing sludge dewatering equipment as a reference; for example, using a plate and frame dehydrator, the sludge output is about 1m3 / h, according to the Moisture content is generally 70-80%, then select 75% moisture content calculation, solid content rate is 25%: 1m3 / h * 25% * 1000KG / m3 = 250KG / H WJDL402 is required

When the customer does not have the amount of sludge, ask the flow rate of the sludge pump matching the original sludge dewatering equipment. If it is 15m3 / h, choose WJDL303 or 401

4. The customer has no parameters but can only supply 10,000m3 / d of sewage. If it is a type of domestic sewage, the amount of absolutely dry sludge is about 1.0-1.25T (this part is equivalent to the absolute dryness of each ton of sewage The amount of sludge is about 0.1-0.125KG)

Selection method is 1.25 * 1000/24 = 52KG / H, according to the above table is 301 or 302, but generally 301 is enough.

At present, many sewage treatment plants, slaughter farms, food processing plants, petrochemical plants and printing and dyeing plants, etc., are more used in the treatment of sewage. Overlap screw sludge dehydration machine is a new type of efficient sewage The mud dehydration equipment has a high degree of automation and is unmanned for 24 hours. The material is all 304 stainless steel with good wear resistance and toughness, and good dehydration effects. Many customers choose stacked screw dehydration machines when doing sewage treatment projects.