Correct management of normal operation of sludge dewatering machine

Correct management of normal operation of sludge dewatering machine

Mar 26, 2018

When sludge dewatering machines are used, appropriate management work is required so as to promote their effectiveness and at the same time extend the service life. What are the specific management requirements?


First of all, we must always observe observation items and check and maintain the sludge dewatering machines. For example, pay attention to the fuel level of the fuel tank, the oil flow rate of the bearing, the temperature of the cooling water and the cooling oil, the vibration of the equipment, and the reading of the ammeter. Do not forget to pay attention to whether the operation and control instruments such as water pressure gauge, mud pressure gauge and oil gauge are working properly.


Second, regularly check the wear of the wear parts of the sludge dewatering machine and replace them if necessary. After finding that hard particles such as sand and other particles that have entered the mud cause damage to the filter belt, drum or screw conveyor, repairs must be carried out immediately. If the damage is serious, it must be replaced.


Since the sludge and water separation effect of sludge dewatering machine is greatly affected by temperature, the moisture content of winter mud cakes is generally 2% to 3% higher than that in summer when sludge dewatering machines are used. Therefore, in the winter, the transport of sludge and the dehydration of the dehydration room should be enhanced, or the dosage of the drug added, and even the dewatering agent with better effect sometimes need to be replaced.


When the sludge dewatering machine is dehydrated, the dewatering effect of the dewatering machine must be observed and detected frequently. If the solid content of the mud cake is found to be decreased or the filtrate is cloudy, measures should be taken to resolve it. At the same time observe whether the operation of the dehydrator equipment itself is normal, and take measures to solve the abnormal situation in time to avoid major problems in the dehydrator.


Before the sludge dehydrator shuts down, it must be ensured that there is enough water rinse time. To ensure that the inside of the machine and the periphery of the whole body are thoroughly cleaned, reducing the possibility of odor generation and preparing for the next dehydration work.