Description of the functional characteristics of the water treatment dosing device

- Nov 03, 2018-

In the water treatment dosing device, the complete system includes a composition system: a feeding system, a storage tank, a dosing system, and a power control system. The dissolution tank is equipped with the facilities required for automatic operation such as level gauge, low level alarm and valve. The external wall is equipped with a magnetic flap level gauge to observe the liquid level in the bucket in real time.


During the use of the water treatment dosing device, if the liquid level in the barrel is lower than the set range, the alarm system will be automatically turned on and the dosing pump will be suspended. Dosing systems include centrifugal pumps, electromagnetic flow meters and related valves. The device is based on the system design and overcomes the shortcomings of the systemicity of traditional products that are designed with a single device or component.


Coupled with a new structural design concept, the water treatment dosing device process is more optimized, and the integrated combination makes it easy to expand capacity and function. Users can flexibly match the best solution according to different water quality conditions. And you can freely choose a variety of control methods, such as manual and automatic, to achieve different control requirements.