Dewatering and self-cleaning of sludge dewatering equipment

- Jun 22, 2018-

During the operation of the sludge dewatering equipment, when the screw pushes the shaft to rotate, the multiple solid laminated sheets disposed on the periphery of the thrust shaft are relatively moved. Under normal circumstances, the water moves from the relative position under the action of gravity. The lamination gaps are filtered out to achieve rapid concentration.

Sludge dewatering equipment dewatering, in the operation will be effective through its concentrated sludge along with the rotation of its screw axis is constantly moving forward, effectively in the direction of its mud cake, the pitch of the spiral axis gradually When it is used, the gap between the ring and the ring gradually becomes smaller and the volume of the spiral cavity shrinks. Under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet, the internal pressure gradually increases, and the screw pushing shaft is continuously driven by the continuous operation. The moisture in the sludge is discharged by extrusion, and the solid content of the filter cake is continuously increased, and the continuous dewatering of the sludge is finally achieved.

The self-cleaning of the sludge dewatering equipment, the rotation of the screw shaft, and the continuous rotation of the driving ring, the equipment relies on the movement between the fixed ring and the moving ring to achieve a continuous self-cleaning process, thereby cleverly avoiding the prevalence of the traditional dewatering machine. Plugging problem.

Sludge dewatering equipment is suitable for the dewatering of high and low concentration sludge. When sludge is dewatered at a low concentration (2000mg/L~), there is no need to build a concentration tank or a storage tank to reduce the construction cost and reduce the release of phosphorus and the generation of anaerobic odors.