Difference between automatic dosing device and automatic water softener device

- Apr 28, 2018-

There are indeed some similarities between the automatic dosing device and the automatic soft water device. However, there are still more differences. It is necessary to fully grasp the differences between them in order to make better use of them so that they can exert their respective good effects. Users bring a better experience.


First, talk about the automatic dosing device, which controls the flow through a metering pump. The flow rate of each reciprocating pump of a metering pump is equal. Therefore, as long as the operating speed can be set, the amount of addition per unit time can be set. The total amount can be controlled at a fixed time.


With its excellent performance characteristics, the automatic dosing device can be used not only for power plant water supply, furnace water, circulating water, wastewater treatment, but also for petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, and water supply systems. When it is used in ventilation projects, water can be treated by automatic dosing devices.


Let's talk about the automatic soft water device, and realize the automation of the whole process of ion exchange and resin regeneration through the synchronous motor drive program control device. In this process, it is only necessary to periodically add a rejuvenating agent to achieve continuous or intermittent water supply under full automatic conditions.


Due to the high degree of automation of the automatic soft water device, it can adapt to changes in water volume, accurately measure the amount of water produced, accurately measure the amount of regenerant, avoid the waste of regenerant without waste during regeneration, and save a lot of labor costs.


Therefore, both the automatic dosing device and the automatic softening device have their respective advantages, and are widely applicable to various different application fields. As long as they can be correctly distinguished, they can bring about ideal use effects.