Does the Fine Bubble Diffuser need to be cleaned during use?

Does the Fine Bubble Diffuser need to be cleaned during use?

Apr 26, 2020

In sewage treatment, people will pay attention to the use of treatment equipment, so they will also pay attention to the efficiency of these equipment. In the process of sewage treatment, many users will pay attention to the use of Fine Bubble Diffuser, this is because of this equipment The technology used during the planning and manufacturing is very advanced and can achieve a high treatment effect. Therefore, after the introduction of the aeration equipment, it has been recognized by many users, but it also needs to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance work when using the equipment for sewage treatment. The editor gives a brief introduction to the cleaning and maintenance methods for the equipment.


Usually during the operation of the Fine Bubble Diffuser, as the equipment is continuously added at the time of operation, a lot of impurities will accumulate in the treatment of sewage, and these impurities will also contain a lot of calcium elements. Such substances will be blocked in the equipment. After a long time, the equipment will malfunction and affect the sewage treatment. Therefore, the staff needs to clean the aeration equipment every period of time. Before cleaning, the water in the tank must be cleaned, and then the aeration equipment should be disassembled according to the standard process, and then the equipment should be cleaned.


In order to ensure the working efficiency of the aerator, many people will use special reagents when cleaning the equipment. Generally, they can choose to use formic acid reagents to clean the equipment. Since formic acid substances will not have any impact on the working efficiency of the equipment, It can make the cleaning effect of impurities more thorough, so some reagents can be used in cleaning and maintenance.


While cleaning the aerator, it is necessary to inspect the parts of the equipment, and if it is found to be damaged, it can be replaced in time.