Energy-saving design and maintenance of Wastewater Air Diffuser

- Mar 02, 2019-

The oxygenation efficiency and power efficiency of the wastewater air diffuser are improved compared with ordinary equipment. When it is used, its maintenance is simple, and it can be used without affecting normal operation (no water stop, no gas supply stop). It is practical and reliable to repair and replace damaged aerators. The aeration bubble has small diameter, small gas-liquid interface diameter, large gas-liquid boundary area, uniform bubble diffusion, no clogging of holes, and strong corrosion resistance.


The wastewater air diffuser adopts energy-saving design, low installation cost, high reliability and excellent performance in intermittent and continuous aeration processes. Precision drilling facilitates efficient oxygen transmission and utilization: Different drilling modes can be used to adjust the working pressure, such as different slit lengths, distances, and drilling densities, for the specifications of the aeration system.


The wastewater air diffuser has a bore length of 200-1200 mm and a standard length of 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm. It is mounted on a circular or square tube. All diaphragm materials are designed based on nanotechnology to prevent clogging of the surface, preventing solid and biological. Solidified crust.