Features of fine bubble disc air diffuser

Features of fine bubble disc air diffuser

Mar 05, 2020

Disk type air diffuser is a new type of micro-aeration disk developed in the 1980s. The fine bubble disc air diffuser has a small bubble diameter, a small gas-liquid interface diameter, a large gas-liquid interface area, and bubbles Diffusion uniformly, without clogging of perforations, strong corrosion resistance, the disc aerator has been tested by oxygenation of fresh water and sewage, and has been used by more than 50 users for many years. The effect is better than fixed rotary aerators and diffusers. Flow aerators reduce energy consumption by 40% or increase wastewater treatment capacity by 40%). It is suitable for urban sewage and new expansion of large factories and reconstruction of old aeration tanks, and the aeration tanks can be operated intermittently.


Structural features


The fine bubble disc air diffuser is designed with a slightly convex arched surface and uses ABS engineering plastic as the main body. The disc aerator diaphragm has a special imported rubber (EPDM) with an anti-adhesion surface, which is made through special processing. The micro-hole aeration disc diaphragm is selected from German numerical control openings to ensure the quality and accuracy of the holes. When the disc aerator is oxygenated and aerated, the main disc surface is designed with six air supply grooves, so that the incoming air is buffered by the check valve and sent directly to the center to ensure that the diaphragm can be easily opened with low resistance at one time. The disc aerator is mechanically assembled with rib anti-lock to ensure that the diaphragm does not fall off. The micro-holes on the air distribution membrane swell and expand by itself during air intake to ensure that air passes.


When the aeration is stopped, the variable micropores on the air distribution membrane are closed. Since the variable micropores of the air distribution membrane expand and contract on their own, the phenomenon of blocking the micropores of the disc aerator membrane is prevented. Secondly, a check valve device is arranged on the bottom plate of the disc type micro-hole aerator to prevent the mixed liquid from entering the gas distribution branch pipe when the pipeline system stops supplying air, so as to prevent the branch pipe from entering the mixed liquid and being blocked. The air entering the disc aerator does not need special filtering, and the intermittent aeration is not blocked. Generally, the air diffuser film of the disc aerator is easy to blow and tear, and the diaphragm cannot be opened or the diaphragm is blocked. The phenomenon has made great technical improvements. These several technical reforms have saved them the pain of maintenance in long-term operation. The fine bubble disc air diffuser is a good product.