Fine bubble aeration treatment of water resources and its environmental characteristics

- Sep 21, 2018-

The fine bubble aeration is effective for water resources management and highlights the characteristics of environmental protection. It is different from some chemical treatment methods. It also pollutes while treating. The aerator uses physical methods to excrete harmful gases or substances in the sewage. Go to the air and inject oxygen into the water to form an aerobic cycle. This will not damage the environment, but also effectively reduce harmful substances in the sewage.


The fine bubble aeration is based on the diversity and complexity of the pollutants in the water, and the sewage is treated in layers to achieve a dischargeable standard. The installation of the aerator in the sewage treatment plays a significant role in saving energy, and can save about 30% to 50% of energy consumption.


The currently used suspension chain fine bubble aeration include floating air ducts, rubber membrane tubes, suspension hoses, air supply hoses and other components, and their oxygenation efficiency and power efficiency are stronger than ordinary aerators. A lot, and it is very easy to repair. The tubular aerator and the tubular aerator have a simple structure, which not only saves energy but also utilizes oxygen efficiently.