Fine Bubble Air Diffuser mechanical hole opening method and impact resistance

Fine Bubble Air Diffuser mechanical hole opening method and impact resistance

May 14, 2018

The structure of the Fine Bubble Air Diffuser is in the form of a plane during the design process. The diaphragm is mainly made of silicone rubber or ethylene propylene diene rubber. The frame of the aeration plate is mainly made of ABS engineering plastic. In the process of use, the material of the diaphragm determines the use cycle of the aeration plate to some extent. Silicone rubber or EPDM rubber provides more choices for users.

The diaphragm of the Fine Bubble Air Diffuser is mainly used to mechanically open the hole to a certain extent, so that the quality and precision of the hole can be ensured to some extent, and the reliable connection of the frame and the sealing performance are used when the diaphragm is used. Can effectively ensure that the diaphragm does not fall off.

During the process of air intake, the aeration plate expands the micro-holes of the aeration plate of the aeration plate automatically, so that the passage of air can be ensured, and when the air supply is stopped, the micro-film on the high elasticity film The hole will effectively show its closed state, so that it can effectively avoid the clogging of the micro hole.

The aeration plate ensures that the air passes through, and when the air supply is stopped, the micro-holes in the high-elasticity diaphragm are closed to avoid clogging of the micro-holes. A check valve device is provided at the inlet of the aerator to prevent the mixed liquid from entering the air distribution pipe when the pipe system stops supplying air, so that the mixed liquid can be prevented from being contaminated or blocked in the branch pipe.

The main features of Fine Bubble Air Diffuser

1. The disc aerator has small aeration bubbles, large contact area, uniform bubble diffusion, and is less prone to micro-hole plugging and strong corrosion resistance.

2. In the process of operation, the aerating plate mainly adopts its unique design of the plate body structure and the selection of high-quality materials, so that it can solve the problem of the diaphragm existing in the operation of the microporous aerator for many years in a certain extent. Shedding, tearing of the diaphragm, failure of the diaphragm to open, and backflow of waste liquid.

3. The connection method of aeration plate is as follows: one end of the double bearing joint is connected with the air pipe, and the inner side of the aeration plate and the double bearing joint is internally threadedly connected. When aerated, water resistance and impact resistance are better.

4. The aeration diaphragm of the aeration plate is made of silicone rubber material, does not contain plasticizer, is resistant to corrosion, has high tear strength and long service life.

5. The aeration plate's silicone rubber micropore aeration system is easy to clean and can quickly resume performance after cleaning.

6. The aeration diaphragm aeration diaphragm adopts imported diaphragm, high cost performance, and the company has a good after-sales service.