Fine bubble diffuser characteristics and application scope

Fine bubble diffuser characteristics and application scope

Feb 26, 2018

In the practical application process, several commonly used bubble diffusers are often involved. They not only have different installation methods, but also show different effects and can be adapted to the application requirements of different occasions. These diffusers are diaphragm microporous bubble diffuser, rocker microporous aerator and dynamic bubble diffuser.

Membrane microporous bubble diffuser is characterized by small diameter aeration bubble, small gas-liquid interface diameter, large gas-liquid interface, uniform bubble spread, will not have clogging, corrosion resistance, etc., after testing and application Confirmed the use of good results, especially for urban sewage and large-scale expansion of new factories and old aeration tank, and the aeration tank can be intermittent operation.

Rocker microporous aerator for the movable installation, when the aerator needs to be replaced or overhaul, the aerator can be raised from the water with a lift, the pool surface construction overhaul, does not affect the pool with other aerators Work, do not need to stop the pool of water, low maintenance costs, less workload.

The dynamic aerator is a fixed installation, once the installation is complete it can not be moved, if an aeration tank needs overhaul, it must stop the operation of the pool, and the pool of sewage and mud and other debris cleared, the square Can be construction, maintenance costs higher.

 As the rocker microporous aerator because of aerobic utilization, easy maintenance and other advantages, more used in heavy production load, sewage water quality of a bad biochemical system; and fixed dynamic aerator you can long-term Maintained with long service life characteristics, generally used in the production load is lower, better secondary water quality biochemical system.