Fine Bubble Diffuser type introduction

Fine Bubble Diffuser type introduction

Aug 03, 2019

The fine bubble diffuser is an essential equipment for aeration and aeration, and several common aerators are described below.

Diaphragm fine bubble diffuser

The aeration bubble diameter of the device is small, the gas-liquid interface diameter is small, the gas-liquid interface area is large, the bubble diffusion is uniform, the pores are not blocked, and the corrosion resistance is strong. The environment is studied by the Environmental Engineering College of Shanghai Tongji University and the North China Design Institute of China Municipal Engineering. Clear water and sewage oxygenation test, and has been used well by more than 50 users for many years (compared with conventional products fixed spiral aerator, diffuse aerator and perforated tube aerator reduced energy consumption by 40%, or increased sewage treatment capacity 40 %). It is especially suitable for urban sewage and large-scale expansion of large-scale factories and renovation of old aeration tanks, and the aeration tanks can be operated intermittently.

Tubular  Fine Bubble Diffuser

Drilling lengths of 200-1200 mm, standard lengths of 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm Mounted in round or square tubes All diaphragm materials are based on nanotechnology designed to prevent clogging of the surface layer, preventing solid and biological solidified crusts.

Disc  Bubble Diffuse

Energy-saving design, low installation cost, high reliability and excellent performance in intermittent and continuous aeration processes. Precision drilling facilitates efficient oxygen transmission and utilization: Different drilling modes can be used to adjust the working pressure, such as different slit lengths, distances, and drilling densities, for the specifications of the aeration system. Drilling diameters between 184 and 295 mm are available for a wide range of standard and special diaphragm materials.