Fine Bubble Disc Air Diffuser installation and maintenance

- Jul 23, 2018-

The Fine Bubble Disc Air Diffuser is a device commonly used in sewage treatment. The design of the device is flexible and light, and it does not occupy too much space in use. Therefore, users do not have to worry about environmental damage during the installation of the Air Diffuser. The impact, the selected device is more advanced in production technology, efficient and stable during operation, to meet the needs of the industry.


As the frequency of use of the Disc Air Diffuser continues to increase, maintenance of the device is becoming more and more important, and there are certain requirements regarding the installation of the device. When installing, it is necessary to install the device evenly at the bottom of the pool. The layout should be done by professionals to maintain the reasonable distance between the aeration device and the bottom of the pool. Also, when installing the diaphragm, be careful to reinforce both ends to avoid loosening during use.


During daily use, the staff should pay attention to regularly check the application of the Fine Bubble Disc Air Diffuser, and regularly inspect the equipment. Follow the instructions of the product to complete the sewage treatment during the use of the aeration device. If it is found that the aeration process is not very uniform, or there is a problem in the working state of the Disc Air Diffuser, it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance in time to maintain a stable working state.