Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser classification and working components

Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser classification and working components

May 05, 2018

The Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser is a new type of aeration facility when it is used. It is also called compressed air aeration during operation. To a certain extent, the main principle is to use a blower to efficiently pass air through its gas pipeline. It is transported to the aeration device located at the bottom of the tank and diffuses and escapes in the form of bubbles. The oxygen is dissolved into the water at the gas-liquid interface.

Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser device will be used in accordance with its application process, in the course of its operation, its type includes diaphragm microporous aerator and rotary mixing aerator, etc., in which the diaphragm type micro-hole aerator is divided into two types: tubular microporous aerator and disk microporous aerator. In addition, there is a single-hole membrane aerator that is mainly used for biological aerated filter.

The Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser is a new type of aeration facility to a certain extent. When used, the aeration pipe can satisfy all the aeration tanks, biological contact oxidation tanks and other places. The aeration work components mainly include valves, ventilation pipes and diaphragm tubes. Microporous aerator composition.

Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser classification

1. The aeration pipe uses ethylene propylene diene rubber during the production process: it is suitable for urban sewage.

2. Low plasticity EPDM rubber: It is suitable for industrial wastewater produced from animal slaughter and processing, food processing and beverage production.

3. Silicone rubber: It is suitable for waste water such as pulp and paper industry, petrochemical industry and refining and processing.

4. PU rubber: for the petrochemical industry.

Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser working assembly

During the operation of the aeration pipe, the components of the aeration pipe are mainly composed of ventilation pipes, valves, and diaphragm-tube microporous aerators. Diaphragm-tube microporous aerators are made of rubber and have small self-closing pores on the membrane. When working, the pores of the Tube Diffuser will open automatically under the air pressure, and the air will enter the pool for oxygenation. If the pressure disappears, the pores of the aeration tube will automatically close, preventing the water from flowing back into the pores.

Structure of Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser

The aeration pipe is composed of an air riser, an air distribution pipe, an air branch pipe, a diaphragm rubber aerator, a pipe support, and a condensate discharge system.