Fine Bubble tube Diffuser installation requirements and debugging methods

Fine Bubble tube Diffuser installation requirements and debugging methods

Mar 03, 2018

Fine Bubble tube Diffuser is part of the entire aeration system, its installation is equally important, it will directly affect the late aeration effect, it must be strict aeration tube installation requirements. No matter in any case, should be designed according to the surface area and shape of the aeration pipe laying.


At the same time also in accordance with the design requirements of a variety of materials ready, such as the tee, plug, plastic pipe, plastic pipe to choose within the black blue, to prevent the tube endogenous bath, thus blocking the aeration pipe, thereby affecting the pipeline Normal use. In the installation of bubble tube diffuser , tube joints at the use of rubber or tube seals to prevent gas leakage.


We need to keep in mind is that as far as possible to ensure uniform aeration tube aeration, an aeration tube length is best controlled at 20m below the end of the laying should be higher than the front 20cm or so, in order to ensure uniform discharge end; In addition, the tube diffuser as much as possible do not touch the silt to avoid clogging.


In order to ensure the aeration effect, it is required that the mainframe should be installed in the middle of the main pipeline as much as possible to ensure the same amount of gas supply in each pipeline; and there should be no sundries near the air inlet of the mainframe in order to avoid clogging. Do not forget to install the tube diffuser should be debugged until it meets the requirements.


Debugging only need to open the host, and then by the root of the aeration tube debugging, adjust the aeration tube height, direction, until the entire microporous tube aeration. Only in accordance with the above steps to install and debug qualified, the aeration tube diffuser  can fully play its role.