Four processing stages of the Sludge Concentration Dewatering Machine

- Sep 12, 2018-

The treatment process of the Sludge Concentration Dewatering Machine is divided into four stages. The first stage is the sludge concentration. The main purpose is to reduce the initial sludge volume and reduce the volume or capacity of the subsequent treatment structure. The second stage sludge digestion and pollution The organic matter in the mud decomposition; the third stage sludge is further reduced; the fourth stage of sludge disposal is, to some extent, the sludge. The large amount of pollution generated at each stage still contains liquid or filtrate and should be returned to the sewage treatment system for treatment.


Through the above-mentioned perfect process, the Sludge Concentration Dewatering Machine can achieve “four modernizations”. Because the water content of the sludge is very high, the volume is large, and the fluidity is good. After the treatment, the sludge volume is reduced by 10 points to the original, the liquid becomes solid, which is convenient for transportation and regulation; and some organic matter is easy to be decomposed and transformed, not easy to be spoiled, and the smell is large. Reduced, convenient for transportation and disposal.


In the process above the digestive stage of the Sludge Concentration Dewatering Machine, most of the eggs, marriage can kill bacteria and viruses, greatly improving the health index of the sludge. After all, the sludge is also a resource. It contains a large amount of heat. Its calorific value is between 10,000 and 15,000 kJ/kg, which is higher than that of coal and coke. The treated sludge can be better recovered and its value improved.