Full-automatic dosing device furnace water plus phosphorus salt system and classification form

- May 12, 2018-

The automatic dosing device is mainly used for the treatment of its boiler water, circulating water, water supply, and waste water in the process of use. It can also be directly used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, water supply systems and other industries during operation. Automatic dosing device, mainly including solution tank, Y-type filter, safety valve, pulse damper, water level gauge, pressure gauge and other components.

In the process of operation of the full-automatic dosing device, the user only needs to effectively place the combined dosing device in the dosing room during the operation, and the dosing pipe will be effectively connected during the use process. The power supply is turned on well, so that the operation can be started to a certain extent, and the pH of the fluid is automatically detected in the operation process to intelligently judge and add the corresponding chemical liquid. This industrialized complete device can greatly reduce the design and site construction. The workload is basically left unattended and provides a reliable guarantee for the quality, safety and on-site operation of the whole machine.

Full-automatic dosing device furnace water plus phosphorus salt system

The preparation of the phosphate solution of the automatic dosing device will effectively add trisodium phosphate directly to the solution tank at the dosing site during the process of operation. During the operation, the stirrer can be started to dissolve, and when it is operated, it is added. In addition to manual control, the amount of phosphate can be controlled automatically. After the PID operation is performed by the PLC program control system, the amount of phosphorus metering pump is controlled by the inverter to achieve the purpose of automatic dosing.

Classification of automatic dosing device

The automatic ammonia dosing device's ammonia addition system can effectively achieve its full automatic control to a certain extent. The ammonia solution can be prepared in addition to manual preparation and can also be automatically controlled. When the solution tank level is lower than the set value during operation. When the valve is automatically opened, the inlet valve of the solution box is automatically turned off to the high liquid level. The control of the amount of ammonia can be automatically controlled in addition to the manual control. After the PID operation is performed by the PLC program control system, the ammonia is added to the ammonia metering pump. The amount reached the goal of automatic dosing.