Good acid resistance and mechanical properties of k1 biological filter media

- Feb 27, 2019-

K1 biological filter media have different chemical properties due to the variety of materials processed during the filtration process. They are acidic, alkaline, strong oxidizing, organic solvents, etc. during operation, and are all in certain Filter at temperature. This requires the selected filter media structural material to have good chemical stability, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and microbial resistance in the material to be treated.


The polypropylene fiber of the k1 biological filter medium has good acid resistance. Alkali resistance and oxidant resistance, polyethylene fiber has stability to acid and alkali solution at room temperature, and polyester material has good acid resistance.


The physical properties of k1 biological filter media materials, including their hygroscopicity, wear resistance, mechanical strength, elongation rate, etc., all affect the filtration performance and service life of the media. Filters of different types have different physical and mechanical properties. For example, plate and frame filters have higher mechanical strength requirements than filter filters and drum filters. The belt filter has higher strength requirements for the filter cloth than the tilting disc filter, and the elongation is required to be as low as possible under a certain load.