How does domestic sewage treatment equipment work?

How does domestic sewage treatment equipment work?

Nov 11, 2019

As more and more attention is paid to sewage treatment and rectification work, for some enterprises that do not yet have relevant knowledge about domestic sewage treatment equipment, here is how you will operate domestic sewage treatment equipment. Domestic sewage treatment equipment is commonly used in daily life. Equipment, sewage treatment equipment will have a sedimentation process when treating sewage, so how does domestic sewage treatment equipment settle?

First, domestic sewage treatment equipment is generally free to precipitate, the concentration of suspended solids is low, and the shape of the particles is not changed during the precipitation process.

2. Flocculation and sedimentation of domestic sewage treatment equipment, a function of coagulation or flocculation that can occur during the precipitation process, and a degree of sedimentation of low-concentration floating particles. As flocculation increases the mass of particles, the sedimentation speed increases, and the sedimentation speed varies with depth increase.

3. The sedimentation at the interface of domestic sewage treatment equipment. After the concentration of suspended solids in the sewage has increased to a value, due to the influence of the interference between the particles, all the particles are precipitated as a whole, and a clearly visible mud-water interface is formed between the mud and water. The sedimentation speed of all particles is the same and the sedimentation speed is the same. The lower part of the activated sludge sedimentation belongs to this type.

Fourth, the domestic sewage treatment equipment is compacted and precipitated, and it occurs during the sedimentation of high-concentration solid particles. Because of the high SS, the particles are clustered together to support each other. The moisture between the particles at the base layer is in the gravity of the upper particles. Under the effect of water depth and gravity, the sludge is concentrated. Tight sedimentation occurs in the concentration process in the sludge hopper of the secondary sedimentation tank and the concentration process of the sludge in the concentration tank.

The above is the introduction of how domestic sewage treatment equipment is settled. Sedimentation is a very important process in domestic sewage treatment equipment. It takes many steps in domestic sewage treatment equipment to turn into water that meets discharge standards. One step is indispensable.