How does the Fine Bubble tube Diffuser work in sewage?

How does the Fine Bubble tube Diffuser work in sewage?

Apr 20, 2020

Fine Bubble tube Diffuser is used for oxygenation of urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater treatment system. Tubular aerator has simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance, difficult to block pores, non-reverse irrigation of sewage, uniform circumferential force, life Long, convenient installation and maintenance, low system price and so on. It has good chemical stability, does not contain plasticizers, can maintain elasticity for a long time, is resistant to acids and alkalis, does not harden, does not embrittle, and does not age. The bubble diameter of the product is small, which can not only maintain a high oxygen conversion rate, but also achieve the effect of mixing and stirring. The self-closed cell structure is adopted, and the micropores are not blocked. Easy to install and disassemble. Reduce energy consumption. Today we will briefly understand the working process of the down-pipe aerator.


1. The method of using the tubular aerator in low-concentration sewage is the aerobic method, in which the aerobic microorganisms in the activated sludge must have oxygen to be effective. In the aeration tank of the sewage disposal biochemical system, the oxygenation power is positively correlated with the aerobic microorganism growth. The supply of dissolved oxygen should be considered according to the number, physiological characteristics, substrate properties and concentration of aerobic microorganisms. In this way, the activated sludge is in a better environment for degrading organic matter.


2. The Fine Bubble tube Diffuser is used for anaerobic treatment of sludge and higher concentration sewage. It is an artificial enhancement method for self-purification of water body, a method for removing organic matter in sewage by relying on the main body of the activated sludge mission. The dissolved oxygen in the aeration tank should be maintained at 34mg / L. If the oxygen supply is lacking, the activated sludge will have a poor function, causing the waste water treatment effect to fall. In order to ensure a satisfactory oxygen supply, it is necessary to rely on the managed aerator.


3. Tubular aerator is a non-clogging type aerator with active cleaning and avoiding backflow of sewage. When the air supply of the blower is suspended, the film is shortened and closed immediately, and the sewage will never seep into the aeration tube. When the blower is restarted, the film releases air bubbles, and at the same time due to its elasticity, at the same time due to its elasticity, the sludge bomb will stick In addition, this repair-free feature is the best choice for activated sludge construction, which greatly reduces the cost of operation and repair.