How should the inventory of the tube air diffuser be stored?

How should the inventory of the tube air diffuser be stored?

Apr 14, 2020

Tube air diffuser has the characteristics of simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance, air hole is not easy to block, sewage is not backfilled, uniform circumferential force, long life, convenient device repair, low system price and so on. It has outstanding chemical stability, does not contain plasticizers, can maintain elasticity for a long time, is resistant to acids and alkalis, does not harden, does not embrittle and does not age. The bubble diameter of the product is small, which can not only maintain a high oxygen conversion rate, but also achieve the effect of mixing and stirring. The self-closed cell structure is adopted, and the micropores are not blocked. Easy installation and disassembly. Reduce energy consumption. Let's take a look at the storage method of the tube air diffuser:

1. The aerator and all accessories in the original packaging should be stored in a dry and ventilated room according to DIN 7716 or ISO 2230.

2. Avoid contamination by freezing, overheating, direct sunlight, dust, mineral oil and hydrocarbons.

3. Do not store near the engine, especially not near the blower.

4. Avoid any work that damages the aerator and its packaging.

5. No outdoor storage! The storage time of the product on site (from arrival to installation / operation) should not exceed 1 year, or you should consult the company for preventive measures.

6. When storing on site, all aerators and accessories must be stored in the original packaging. When the large slat carton is directly exposed to sunlight, it should be covered with oiled tarpaulins to avoid ultraviolet radiation.

7. Do not use packaging materials containing plasticizers.