How to choose the chemical dosing device ?

- Mar 30, 2018-

The specifications of each chemical dosing device are not the same, so it is necessary to choose according to some principles when purchasing. First of all, users should choose according to industry and solution, different industries and different solutions to choose different chemical dosing device.


Secondly, it is necessary to determine the specifications of the chemical dosing device, including the parameters of the dosing pump, the volume of the stirrer, the volume of the solution tank, and the on-site conditions, based on the amount of solution required to be added by the system; then determine the dosing according to the dosing conditions and determining the dosing conditions. Method; the final selection of the appropriate chemical dosing device.


In addition, the chemical dosing device is selected based on the material of each component, the parameters of the drug, the type of the dosing pump, and the like. Many considerations are needed to ensure that the selected chemical dosing device is in line with actual requirements, so as to complete the dosing process with high efficiency.


For chemical dosing devices, the selection is important, but some functional needs are still important. In this regard, it is necessary to communicate with manufacturers. Manufacturers will also customize chemical dosing devices of different specifications according to the specific needs of users. This will also allow users to more directly understand chemical dosing devices and avoid future problems.


As a professional chemical dosing device manufacturer, we can customize the product according to the actual requirements of customers, but we need the user to provide basic information such as the amount of dosing, whether it is automatically controlled, where the drug is added and where it is used, and then the technical designer can make reasonable The production plan.