How to choose the sewage treatment equipment for urban living?

How to choose the sewage treatment equipment for urban living?

Nov 05, 2019

The emergence of urban domestic sewage treatment equipment has made domestic sewage a good solution, but there are many types of domestic sewage treatment equipment and the processes used are different. How should I choose urban domestic sewage treatment equipment to handle domestic sewage? ?

1. No matter what technology or process is used in selecting urban sewage treatment equipment, the water quality after water treatment must meet the prescribed discharge standards.

2. Principles of technical reliability. At present, although there are many technologies and equipments for urban sewage treatment in China, we must choose advanced technology and high reliability equipment from many technical theories and equipment.

3. Low operating cost of domestic sewage treatment equipment. For remote and underdeveloped areas in China, if the sewage treatment equipment operation costs are too high and exceed the economic affordability of the local people, even if the sewage treatment construction project is completed, the local people cannot afford the high equipment operation costs. Lose the meaning of construction. Therefore, in the construction of sewage treatment equipment projects, the problem of equipment operation costs must be considered.

4, easy management principles. Aiming at the relative shortage of equipment technical management personnel in less-developed areas, it is required to be as simple and easy to manage as possible in terms of equipment management and maintenance. If the management technology requirements of the equipment are too high and exceed the capabilities of the equipment technical management personnel, the normal operation and management of the equipment will not be guaranteed.