How to deal with the scaling of tubular microporous aerator?

How to deal with the scaling of tubular microporous aerator?

Apr 11, 2020

With the development of society, the construction of sewage treatment facilities is related to ecological civilization and people's lives, so it needs to be implemented quickly in action. In the construction of sewage treatment, tubular microporous aerators are mostly used in aerobic tanks and biological contact oxidation tanks. Scaling of tubular microporous aerators is a relatively common problem. I hope to help everyone.


1. The tube type microporous aerator tube is filled with chemicals from the vent part when it is installed and vented. Generally, it can be removed by adding weak acid.


2. Generate calcium or magnesium salt precipitation, you can scrape a little down, add a little acid to see if it is insoluble, if it is soluble, you may consider acid treatment.


Because the tube aerator used for many years will have the phenomenon of membrane aging, the method of atmospheric blowing cannot be used to remove the scaling problem, and it can only be removed by pickling. However, there was no acid addition port in the design at that time, so an acid addition device would be added later. The principle of the acid pickling of the tubular aerator is to use pressure to atomize the acid and transport it into the pipeline together with the air, but it also has certain disadvantages. It is easy to run out immediately after pickling at the nearby air inlet. The middle position of the microporous aerator has not been cleaned, and the cleaning is not completely incomplete. Rely on the demonstration to achieve fast and efficient, insist on asking for guidance, report and solve problems in a timely manner, and strive for excellence.


The above is about the relevant treatment methods and attention problems after the fouling of the tubular microporous aerator, I believe everyone has already understood.