How to maintain the aeration head of microporous aerator?

- May 30, 2020-

The microporous aerator must be reasonably maintained during use, not only to prolong the life, but also to maintain the effect of gas explosion. The maintenance of the aeration head during use is very important. So how to maintain the aeration head of the microporous aerator? You can start from these aspects:

1. Clean the diaphragm regularly. The cleaning agent of the membrane of the microporous aeration head aerator is generally a formic acid solution. Formic acid is highly corrosive and has a good cleaning effect. A formic acid injection hole is set on the main aeration pipe entering the aeration tank. Formic acid is injected into the formic acid injection hole through the special formic acid feeding equipment. Formic acid is evenly transported to each aeration head with the air in the pipeline to achieve the purpose of cleaning. According to the actual situation, it is generally cleaned once every half a month or once a month, and the amount of formic acid is about 1.0g formic acid per aeration head. During operation, strict precautions should be taken. Wear masks and anti-formic acid gloves. If you accidentally splash formic acid on your skin, you should immediately rinse with water.

2. Ensure the air filtering effect. Clean the air filter of the blower regularly, or replace the filter in time.

3. Avoid excessive pressure difference between the inside and outside of the diaphragm of the microporous aerator. When overhauling and waterproofing the aeration tank, the air valve on the main pipe should be closed to avoid the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the diaphragm caused by the decrease of the water level; when the blower is selected, its rated blast pressure should not be too high, generally 0.5 higher than the water level -1.0 is enough.