How to use the Stacked Sludge Dewatering Machine efficiently

- Jul 21, 2018-

The quality of sludge flocculation will directly affect the efficiency of sludge dewatering. In fact, the operation efficiency of some stacked sludge dewatering machines is not ideal. The low degree of mud biscuits is due to the deviation of the flocculant selection, the improper dosage, the poor flocculant solution configuration, etc. Good flocculation makes it difficult to dewater the sludge.


It can be seen that the stacked sludge dewatering machine wants to achieve the desired sludge flocculation effect. First, according to the nature of the sludge, a suitable flocculant of molecular weight, suitable ionicity and ionic type should be selected as the sludge dewatering agent. It is not a high-priced, high-ionic, high-molecular flocculant that has a good effect. To do this, you need to screen suppliers and pharmaceuticals, and perform a careful selection of beaker comparison tests and machine tests.


Secondly, the configuration of the flocculant solution also needs to be guaranteed. That is to say, in order to ensure the effect of the stacked sludge dewatering machine, the flocculant should be configured on the same day, used on the same day, and properly placed and matured after the configuration is completed; the concentration should not be too high, 0.05-0.1% is appropriate, It should be fully stirred and dissolved.