Inspection contents before sludge dewatering equipment is operated

- Oct 19, 2018-

Before starting the sludge dewatering equipment, in order to ensure its normal operation, the staff needs to check and confirm in advance whether the rotation direction of the sludge pump, dosing pump, agglutination tank agitator, etc. is correct, and whether the specified lubricating oil is fully injected. After that, pay attention to the operation of the electric control box.


Next, the professional personnel will connect the sludge pump of the sludge dewatering equipment and the power supply line of the dosing and metering pump to their respective positions according to the requirements of the connection, and then connect the three-phase power supply. Close each circuit switch of the equipment to confirm whether each circuit is normal and confirm whether the emergency stop switch is lifted. Then confirm whether the main power supply of the electric control box is connected in the normal phase. Press the drive motor switch to confirm whether the drive roller rotates in the correct direction.


After turning on the power, you should pay attention to confirm whether the correction circuit of the sludge dewatering equipment can maintain normal operation. You can press the hand to see if the switch of the sensing part is correct. In addition, it should be confirmed whether the alarm switch is valid under various abnormal conditions, and confirm whether the flushing pump rotates in the correct direction.