Installation of stacked screw sludge dewatering equipment

Installation of stacked screw sludge dewatering equipment

Nov 23, 2019

Whether the stacking machine can be used smoothly, in addition to quality, is of course whether it is installed in place. If the installation is not in place, there may be poor processing results, poor contact, and the stacking machine is prone to problems and cannot be used!

The following introduces the relevant content of the stacking screw machine installation

1. The foundation structure of the thickener installation should be designed by the construction engineers according to the load conditions. The double grouting method is appropriate; expansion equipment can also be used to fix the equipment. The foundation plane of the concrete should be checked on the site, and it should be flat (horizontal error controlled within ± 5mm) and solid. The layout of the thickener should take into account that there is a certain space around the device (pedestrian aisle above 700mm), which is convenient for daily operations, especially the mud end should be 1.5-2.5 meters away from the wall and other structures, so that the concentrated body can be inspected regularly. Etc. The equipment installation level error is controlled within ± 5mm.

2. Keep the concentrator as horizontal and stable as possible during installation, and fix it with anchor bolts or expansion screws. When a base is set under the machine, the base should be fixed to the foundation with the specified bolts.

3. The filter cake discharge hopper of the concentrator should be placed against the filter cake storage bag or the upper part of the machine as far as possible.

4. When design and construction drawings are available, try to install according to the requirements of the drawings. If there is no construction drawing when the thickener is installed, it is necessary to reserve equipment maintenance space when the equipment is in place. The specific dimensions can be discussed in detail.

5. Try not to install the sludge return line with the filtrate discharge line, and return the return line to the original sludge tank as much as possible.

6. The solid recovery rate of this equipment is about 95%. Different sludge quality will vary, and the filtrate will contain some sludge. If the filtrate is very demanding, it is recommended to perform simple precipitation or other methods to treat the filtrate.

7. When installing, be sure to ensure the maintenance space. If sufficient maintenance space is not ensured, correct maintenance operations cannot be performed, which may easily cause machine failure or personal injury.

Where the stacked snail dehydrator equipment is installed, it must rain and not accumulate water

The outlet pipe of the stacked screw dehydrator equipment must be below 0.4m relative to the floor.

There must be no heavy objects on the top of the snail dehydrator equipment, and no large vehicles must pass by (refer to those without special design)

Stacked screw sludge dewatering equipment generally should not evacuate internal sewage to prevent groundwater from floating the equipment.