Introduction of MBBR Waste Water Bio Media Filter technology advantages

Introduction of MBBR Waste Water Bio Media Filter technology advantages

Oct 24, 2018

MBBR wastewater bio filter material is usually called porous fluidized bed suspension filler. In combination with different water quality conditions, different formulations of biological enzymes are used to modify the polymer material to improve the biocatalysis of active enzyme. MBBR wastewater biological filter material has large specific surface area, easy to hang film, not easy to fall off, good hydrophilicity, strong ability to carry organic load and hydraulic load impact, high removal rate of organic matter, high biological activity, good treatment effect, etc. advantage.


The technological advantages of MBBR wastewater biofilters are reflected in many aspects: firstly, the operation is simple, and the service life is long, and the operation cost is low; secondly, it is efficient, the treatment load is high, the reaction speed is fast, nitrification and denitrification are simultaneously carried out, ammonia in water , nitrogen, phosphorus removal rate is high.


Moreover, when using MBBR wastewater biological filter material, energy consumption can be significantly reduced and investment cost can be reduced. It also has high stability, strong impact resistance, easy to block, no need for backwashing, and the reaction efficiency is improved by 5-10 times, with strong tolerance and stable and reliable performance.