k1 k3 k5 bio filter media has high treatment efficiency and long service life

- Jul 02, 2018-

The k1 k3 k5 bio filter media aerobic biological fluidized bed process adopts a three-dimensional hollow packing as an aerobic biological carrier. When the operation is performed, the packing is a hollow structure. During the normal operation process, the packing is suspended in the water and the inside of the packing. The growth of anaerobic bacteria, so that to a certain extent, denitrification can be denitrification; external growth of aerobic bacteria, removal of organic matter, the entire process of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification process.

Characteristics of k1 k3 k5 bio filter media

1. The k1 k3 k5 bio filter media is mainly used with high-quality ethylene-propylene copolymer materials when it is used. Soaking in wastewater to a certain extent for a long time will not degrade the wastewater, and it will not be toxic to microorganisms to a certain extent. It is superior to other materials such as polyvinyl chloride when used.

2. The special structure, hollow packing structure is a total of three hollow circles inside and outside, each circle has a rib, outside the 36 ribs, after many successful research and development, using a molding.

3. High specific surface area, common microbe specific surface area 90-180, hollow packing specific surface area up to 600, double specific area up to 860, due to high specific surface area, biomass per unit volume is high, can be achieved The purpose of hydraulic retention time is short.

4. High activity of microorganisms. The microbial film growing on the surface of the filler collides due to the fluidization of the filler. Aeration flushes microorganisms in a logarithmic growth phase with high activity and high treatment efficiency.

5. Hollow packing is floating type, easy to replace, long service life.