Key accessories of Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

Key accessories of Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

Sep 08, 2020

As far as all Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machines are concerned, it is a fast (referring to high efficiency) equipment that separates the solid and liquid. Its full play (mainly showing the essential working ability) is the filtering effect. Everyone knows that the parts of screw stacking machine have many functions, but they play a different role in the work of the equipment, and it is because they give full play to their respective functions. Accessories create rights for everyone.

1. Hydraulic transmission system: As far as the parts of the screw stacker are concerned, the key part is the hydraulic transmission system. This part is the use of gear oil to create a strong driving force and show the source of all driving force for the equipment. Force can have an effect in all positions of the equipment, such as the working pressure on the filter plate, such as pushing the pull plate car, etc. In short, the hydraulic machine management system is to show the initial driving force for the equipment, which is to ensure that the equipment is working properly. Basic standards.

2. Filter plate: The second is the filter plate. The screw stacking machine generates the filter chamber of the equipment under the action of the filter plates one by one, that is, the basic function of the filter plate is the filtering structure of the structural equipment. The filter structure of the equipment can be divided into two levels, one is to produce a filter cavity, the other is to isolate and separate the solution. In addition, the filter cloth has the function of being fixed and attached to the filter cloth. In short, the filter plate is convenient. It is for the equipment to show an excellent filter change.

3. Filter cloth: Speaking of the filter plate, its key function is to immediately support the separation between solid and liquid. The filter cloth is generally made of chemical fiber by hand weaving. Its wonderful function is to block the solid state, and the liquid can quickly pass through the filter cloth and percolate out. In short, filter cloth is the immediate substance (chemical substance that plays a decision-making role) for the equipment to complete the solid-liquid separation equipment.