Lamella Tube Settler Media Types, Specifications and Installation Requirements

- Mar 16, 2018-

Lamella Tube Settler Media is a very common and diversified product, which can be distinguished from different angles. In terms of different materials, it can be divided into polypropylene plastic inclined tube and PVC oblique tube. Polypropylene Lamella Tube Settler Media material is characterized by its large wet perimeter, small hydraulic radius, good wake state, and no turbulence interference from particle settlement.


From the aspect of production form, it can be divided into semi-finished products and finished products. Lamella Tube Settler Media semi-finished products refer to continuous semi-hexagonal sheets formed by mechanical hot pressing, and the components are semi-finished products that are welded or bonded and have a certain inclination. The component of the angle.


Of course, the diameter of the Lamella Tube Settler Media is also available in many sizes, including 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 80mm. The thickness of the Lamella Tube Settler Media can be processed and produced according to customer requirements. The lamella tube settler media produced should have a smooth surface and no cracks. No air bubbles, no unevenness.


Generally, as long as the use environment meets the corresponding conditions, Lamella Tube Settler Media can be used, so it is generally used for industrial and domestic water supply precipitation, sewage sedimentation, oil separation and tailings enrichment treatment, and can also be used for the transformation of old pools. But whether it is the packaging, storage or transportation of products, we must pay more attention to ensuring quality.


The Lamella Tube Settler Media is installed in the sedimentation tank and the upper part of the bracket is assembled from left to right, and the angle of 60° is always maintained. Each cell honeycomb pipe packing should be properly compacted when assembling sequentially. If the size is not appropriate when assembling to the right side, it is necessary to use the slub inclined pipe packing according to the size to perform the assembly after soldering until all are in place.