Main advantages and treatment methods of Wastewater Air Diffuser

- Sep 03, 2018-

The Wastewater Air Diffuser is mainly used to physically treat the sewage. During operation, the concentration of oxygen in the sewage can be increased by stirring, and the undesired gas in the sewage is removed to ensure the oxygen content in the sewage. . At the same time, when the aerator is used for wastewater treatment in the form of an aeration tank, the sewage can be purified by means of biological purification, and the purpose of recycling and recycling of the sewage can be realized without destroying the water quality.

The main advantages of Wastewater Air Diffuser

1. The whole equipment can be crimped and packaged. The whole equipment is small in size and convenient in transportation. At the same time, the installation and maintenance are simple, the installation cost is low, and there is no hidden danger of air leakage.

2. Secondly, when the aerator is assembled, the flatness requirement of the installation is relatively low. The gas pipe and the aeration pipe at the bottom of the pool are combined into one, and no additional pipeline equipment is needed.

The Wastewater Air Diffuser will have good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance to a certain extent, anti-aging, no tearing, and long service time; at the same time, the aerator hose will expand when aerated. However, when it is not aerated, it is in a state of being flattened and closed, so no matter how long it takes to stop aeration, there is no clogging.