Main features and application advantages of Plastic MBBR Bio Filter Media

- Aug 02, 2018-

Plastic MBBR Bio Filter Media is actually a bioactive carrier made of scientific formula, the main function is to provide the required growth environment for microorganisms. According to the different nature of the sewage, a variety of trace elements which are beneficial to the rapid adhesion and growth of microorganisms are integrated in the polymer material. The Mbbr biological filler is modified and constructed by a special process, and has many advantages.


The main features of Plastic MBBR Bio Filter Media are introduced:

1. It is made of special formula to increase the speed of the film hanging film;

2, the effective specific surface area is large, the amount of biological attachment is large, relying on biofilm treatment, can save sludge backflow. Efficient decarbonization removes ammonia nitrogen and improves effluent quality. Moreover, low energy consumption saves land and shortens the process flow.

3. Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification and short-range denitrification have been realized, which effectively solves the problem of the current shortage of carbon sources.


Application advantages regarding MBBR Bio Filter Media:

From the actual application situation analysis, the filler is convenient to use and saves time; and the biomass is large, the impact load resistance is strong; at the same time, it also has the advantages of saving energy, saving land occupation and saving investment. For users, Mbbr bio-filler is flexible, aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic, and daily operation management is very simple.